Dot’s Home Is a Small Game

Dot’s Home Is a Small Game
Dot’s Home Is a Small Game

Yes, Dot’s Home is a small indie game developed by the game designer, Max Garkavyy. It is a puzzle game that features a minimalist art style and a relaxing atmosphere. In the game, you play as Dot, a small and curious creature who has just moved into a new home. As Dot, you must explore your new surroundings and solve various puzzles to uncover the secrets of your home.

The gameplay of Dot’s Home is simple yet challenging, as players must figure out how to navigate the various obstacles and hazards in each level to reach the end goal. The game features a variety of mechanics, including gravity manipulation, teleportation, and the ability to interact with objects in the environment.

Overall, Dot’s Home is a charming and unique puzzle game that offers a peaceful and relaxing gaming experience. It is available on various platforms, including Steam and mobile devices.


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